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3 Big Questions

for Soprano (or Tenor) and Piano (2004)

approx. 7 min 15 sec

  • Three movements:


1. What Is Life?

2. What Is Truth?

3. When Will There Be Peace?

  • premiered April 1st 2005


Olivia Gawett, soprano



About 3 Big Questions:


3 Big Questions (2004) is essentially three miniature art song pieces for soprano and piano, although they could also be sung by a tenor an octave lower.  I was interested in the idea of exploring three "big", or, frankly, unanswerable, questions ("What is life?"; "What is truth?"; "When will there be peace?") in a miniature musical form.  The original texts are meant to reflect the often sophomoric nature of pondering such questions, but are placed in the context of rather simple musical ideas.  (The second movement, in particular, is sung almost entirely on one note.)

Please click on the title page image above for sample pages from the score.

Below is a recording of the premiere performance in April, 2005.  My apologies that I do not recall the name of the pianist.

3 Big Questions - Olivia Gawett, soprano

Performance History

April 1st 2005

world premiere

Filene Scholars Recital | Saratoga Springs, NY

Olivia Gawett, soprano

Performed again in 2005

The Church of St. Peter | Saratoga Springs, NY

Olivia Gawett, soprano

SVAN Summer Concert Performance 2006

Waterfront Park | Northville, NY

Jessie Jensen, soprano

Philip Spaeth, piano

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