Concert Music

Thank you for your interest in my work. Below is a sampling of what I have written for concert settings thus far. If I have created a separate page for the piece, click on the work's title or title page image and you will be brought to a page dedicated to that composition with more details, a sample score for perusal, any available audio sample, and program notes. Please contact me for full scores if you have an interest in performing my work. As I'm always working on something or looking to compose something that I might not encounter otherwise, I invite you to contact me. 

Chamber Music

6 min 40 sec

for flute and cello (2019)

premiered Saratoga Springs, NY June 23rd 2019

18 min 30 sec

for woodwind quintet (2018)

premiered Saratoga Springs, NY July 26th 2019

17 min 10 sec

for fiddle, Native American flute, hammered dulcimer, banjo, and piano (2018)

premiered Mayfield, NY Feb. 23rd 2019

8 min 45 sec

for Trumpet, Trombone, and Harp (2017)

premiered Schenectady, NY Sept. 20th 2018

15 min

for Woodwind Quintet (2015)

written for fünf [Norman Thibodeau, flute ; Susan Kokernak, oboe ; Christine Barron, clarinet ; Gerald Lanoue, bassoon; Patrice Malatestinic, French horn], premiered Saratoga Springs NY 2015

7 min 45 sec

for four Horns (2008)

premiered Saratoga Springs NY 2008

6 min 15 sec

for solo Euphonium with Brass Choir and Timpani (2003)

premiered Potsdam NY 2004

15 min

for Flute, Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Trumpet, Violin, Cello, Guitar, Piano, and Percussion (2001)

premiered Potsdam NY 2001

2 min 15 sec

for Trumpet, Horn, and Trombone with Electronic Sounds (2000)

premiered Potsdam NY 2001

3 min 10 sec

for String Quartet (2000)

premiered Potsdam NY 2000

9 min

for Brass Quintet (2000)

premiered Potsdam NY 2000

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Solo Instrumental

6 min

for solo Bass Trombone (2001)

premiered Potsdam, NY 2001

5 min 15 sec

for solo Piano (1998)

Etude 2 premiered Potsdam NY 1999

4 min

for solo Clarinet (1997)

premiered Potsdam NY 1998

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4 min 45 sec

for Chorus, Organ, and Percussion (2015)

premiered Albany NY 2015 by the Festival Celebration Choir

11 min

for Solo Piano and SATB Chorus (2003)

not yet premiered

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Vocal Recital

7 min 15 sec

for Soprano (or Tenor) and Piano (2004)

premiered Saratoga Springs NY 2005

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Orchestra with Chorus

Symphony No. 1

34 min

for Symphonic Orchestra, SATB Chorus, and Amplified Men's Voices (2004)

not yet premiered

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Commissions Welcomed

If you do not see what you are looking for here, please accept my invitation to explore commissioning a new work.

Click here to contact me.

-Philip Spaeth

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