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Fanfare for Brass and Tape-TITLE.jpg

Fanfare for Brass and Tape

for Brass Trio and Electronic Sounds (2000)

approx. 2 min 15 sec

  • premiered May 2001


James Faure, trumpet

Philip Spaeth, horn

George Father, trombone


Potsdam, NY


About Fanfare for Brass and Tape


Fanfare for Brass and Tape (2000) is an exciting short piece for brass trio (trumpet, horn, and trombone) combined with a rhythmic undercurrent of luscious pre-recorded electronic sounds.  This piece is an enjoyable beginning for a brass ensemble concert or recital.  The main challenge for the ensemble is to keep the tempo as consistent as possible in order to stay in sync with the "tape".  This can be achieved with good practice with a metronome and with the tape itself, and the piece does not require a conductor.

A recording of the premiere in 2001 can be heard below, and a few pages of the sample score can be viewed by clicking the title page image above.

Fanfare for Brass and Tape - Faure, Spaeth, Father

Performance History

May 2001

world premiere

Crane School of Music | Potsdam, NY

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