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The Hummingbird-TITLE.jpg

The Hummingbird

for Solo Clarinet (1997)

approx. 4 min

  • premiered 1997


Stefan Hyman, clarinet



About The Hummingbird:


The Hummingbird (1997) is a student piece composed for a college roommate, and I think it holds up pretty well all these years later.  The piece is in a simple "A-B-A" form, and makes for a great addition to any solo clarinet recital. It is a programmatic piece, meant to conjure the image of watching a hummingbird flitting about the garden.

Please click on the title page image above for sample pages from the score.

I do not have a recording of the premiere (I am sure it exists somewhere in the Crane Library archive), but a decent MIDI rendering is available below.

The Hummingbird - MIDI Rendering

Performance History

November 1997

world premiere

Crane School of Music | Potsdam, NY

Stefan Hyman, clarinet

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