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Cumulus Reverie Title Page.png

Cumulus Reverie

for Flute and Cello (2019)

approx. 6 min 40 sec

  • premiered June 23rd 2019


Melanie Chirignan flute

Will Hayes, cello


The Church of St. Peter

Saratoga Springs, NY

  • commissioned by Melanie Chirignan


About Cumulus Reverie


Composed for flute and cello, Cumulus Reverie (2019) is intended as a musical reflection on an activity which many of us engaged in as children, but have somehow forgotten when as we have reached adulthood. You know, that simple practice of gazing into the sky on a beautiful day and interpreting the shapes of the clouds as they pass. The work's opening material returns throughout as the "connective tissue" among brief musical ideas that never quite fully develop, much like the shapes we might see in the clouds that pass above us. It is my hope that this short piece will remind us to revel in the beauty that surrounds us and that creativity is rooted in our child-like imagination.

Click on the title page image above to view sample pages from the score.

Below is a recording of the premiere in June 2019.

Cumulus Reverie - Melanie Chirignan, flute & Will Hayes, cello

Performance History

June 23rd 2019

world premiere

The Church of St. Peter | Saratoga Springs, NY

Melanie Chirignan, flute and Will Hayes cello

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