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Wiser Than I Title.jpg

Wiser Than I

for Solo Bass Trombone (2001)

approx. 6 min

  • premiered 2001


George Father, bass trombone

  • Composed in memory of Justin Greenhill



About Wiser Than I:


Wiser Than I (2001) was composed for a bass trombonist friend who was looking for an adventurous, unaccompanied solo recital piece.  I began composing this piece for him in memory of another friend of mine, who had lost his life far too early to cancer, and whose personality I thought was well-represented by the bass trombone.

Please click on the title page image above for sample pages from the score.

Below is a recording of the premiere performance in 2001.

Wiser Than I - George Father

Performance History

May 2001

world premiere

Crane School of Music | Potsdam, NY

George Father, bass trombone

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