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God's Glory Shall Be Revealed

Advent Hymn

for SATB Choir, Assembly, optional Cantor, and Piano (2003)

  • premiered Advent 2003


The Church of St. Peter


Saratoga Springs, NY


  • Score contains two versions of the hymn:

    • Text for the First and Second Sundays of Advent

    • Text for the Third and Fourth Sundays of Advent

About God's Glory Shall Be Revealed:


God's Glory Shall Be Revealed (2003) has become something of a beloved staple of the Advent season at St. Peter's Church in Saratoga Springs, NY, where I serve as Music Director.  I have even had parishioners tell me that it is one of their favorite songs of the season, right along with some of their favorite Christmas carols!  This is gratifying, but humbling, as well.  When I composed this piece, I thought it was fine, but had no idea how well it would be received.

I originally composed this piece to have one refrain with four sets of verse texts, one for each Sunday of Advent.  A few years later, I decided to modify it to have two versions of the text for the verses as well as the refrain.  So now, there is one version intended for use on the First and Second Sundays of Advent, and another for the Third and Fourth Sundays of Advent.  The first version focuses on Jesus' coming at the end of time, and the second on Jesus' coming as an infant at Christmas, echoing the arc of the Advent season in the Church.  At St. Peter's, we have typically used this piece during Communion, but it is suitable to other parts of the Mass or for other forms of Christian worship, as well.  I have often also programmed it as part of a choral prelude before Christmas Mass.

Click on the title page image above to view sample pages from the score.  The full score contains both versions mentioned above, but I have only included the version for the Third and Fourth Sundays of Advent in the perusal score.

Performance History

Performed during Advent since 2003

The Church of St. Peter, Saratoga Springs, NY

Philip Spaeth, Music Director

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