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Good Friday Adoration Suite

for Two Cantors, SATB Choir, and Assembly,

with optional keyboard doubling (2018)

  • premiered Good Friday 2019


The Church of St. Peter


Saratoga Springs, NY


  • Movements:

    • 1. Behold the Wood of the Cross​

    • 2. We Adore Your Cross

    • 3. The Reproaches

    • 4. Faithful Cross

About Good Friday Adoration Suite:


Good Friday Adoration Suite (2018) is intended for use during the Adoration of the Cross at the Good Friday Liturgy.  It was my intention to compose musical settings of the official English texts of the Roman Missal that add to the beauty, depth, and solemnity of this occasion.  All of these pieces are composed for two Cantors and Choir with refrains and responses for the Assembly.  The “Cantor 1” parts are best suited to a medium-high voice, preferably a clear-toned soprano, and the “Cantor 2” parts are best suited to a medium-low voice, preferably an alto.  That being said, male voices are acceptable as well.


The “voices only” approach to the arrangement here is to facilitate the practice observed in many places of silencing the instruments on Good Friday, with music being provided only by voices.  That being said, the choral parts may be doubled by keyboard accompaniment if necessary, and keyboard accompaniment may also replace the choral humming in some parts ofWe Adore Your Cross and The Reproaches.


While it is ideal that these pieces be sung as written, it is my firm hope and belief that these pieces are flexible enough for use in a variety of parish situations and can be adapted based upon Choir and Cantor abilities, congregation size, instrument availability, etc.  They may also be adapted to take less time, if needed, by omitting one of the pieces, some verses, the verse and “da Capo” of We Adore Your Cross, or Part II of The Reproaches.


It is my sincere hope that this Good Friday Adoration Suite will add to the beauty and meaning of the celebration of the Good Friday Liturgy.

Click on the title page image above to view a sample score.

Performance History

Performed for Good Friday 2019

The Church of St. Peter, Saratoga Springs, NY

Philip Spaeth, Music Director

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