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The Body of the Lord

for SATB Choir, Assembly, optional Cantor, and Piano (2019)

  • premiered Lent 2019


The Church of St. Peter


Saratoga Springs, NY


  • next performance:  Holy Thursday, April 18th 2019


The Church of St. Peter

Saratoga Springs, NY

About The Body of the Lord:


The Body of the Lord (2019) was composed as a reflection on the Eucharistic theology of St. Augustine of Hippo, who suggested that, when we receive the consecrated elements of Bread and Wine, we are to become what we receive, namely, the Body of Christ.  The text of the refrain is based on this idea, with the four verses expounding on it further.  The piece was composed for use during Lent of 2019 at the Church of St. Peter in Saratoga Springs, NY as a particular thematic focus during the season, but it is intended and suitable for more general use throughout the year.  It works particularly well as a Communion Hymn, but can be used during other parts of the liturgy as well, particularly if that liturgy's focus is more specifically Eucharistic.

Performance History

Performed throughout the season of Lent 2019

The Church of St. Peter, Saratoga Springs, NY

Philip Spaeth, Music Director

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