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Alleluia, Amen-TITLE.jpg

Alleluia, Amen

Canon for SATB Choir

with Keyboard Accompaniment (2007)

  • premiered Easter 2007

The Church of St. Peter

Saratoga Springs, NY

  • composed as a four-part canon with Coda

  • Suggested accompaniment provided to guide keyboard improvisation to support choral canon

About Alleluia, Amen:


Alleluia, Amen (2007) was originally composed as a choral anthem of sorts for Easter.  It is a four-part canon which takes as its text, simply, the words "Alleluia" and "Amen."  The canon technique allows for the piece to begin as a kind of a reflection, while also building to a rousing "Amen", finishing off with a Coda to bring the four voices together.  The canon also allows for easier learning by a volunteer choir, as most of the music can be learned in unison before being sung in canon.  It makes for a beautiful piece at Easter, Christmas, or for any festive celebration.

Click on the title page image above to view a sample of the score.

While I do not have a live human recording of this piece, I have included a MIDI audio rendering of the score to give you a sense of the piece.  As always, bear in mind that electronic choral/vocal samples are unable to interpret lyric texts, so you will not hear any of the text of the piece, only "ah's".  Also, the piano sound does not include any of the human improvisations that would help to build the intensity of the piece as it develops. The recording does, however, give you a sense of the canon's development and the interplay of the counterpoint among the voices.

Alleluia, Amen - MIDI Rendering

Performance History

Easter 2007

world premiere

The Church of St. Peter | Saratoga Springs, NY

Philip Spaeth, Music Director

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