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New Chamber Music Piece to Premiere!

If you're reading this, I'm guessing you are probably over 14 or 15, or maybe a bit older. So, take a moment and think back to your childhood years . . . when you may have lingered and gazed up at the sky—for more than a moment or two—and just become engrossed in wonderment, forgetting about everything else around you. Perhaps you steal one of those child-like moments here and there now as an adult. I hope so.

But if not . . .

With a request by flutist Melanie Chirignan for a new work, I have had the occasion to capture that with a new piece of chamber music for flute and cello. Titled Cumulus Reverie, it is intended as a musical reflection on an activity in which many of us engaged in as children, but have somehow forgotten when we reach adulthood. You know, that simple practice of gazing into the sky on a beautiful day and interpreting the shapes of the clouds as they pass. The work's opening material returns throughout as the "connective tissue" among brief musical ideas that never quite fully develop, much like the shapes we might see in the clouds that pass above us. I hope, with this short piece, it may serve to remind us to revel in the beauty that surrounds us, and that creativity is rooted in our child-like imagination.

You can find out on Sunday, June 23rd by joining me and three avid chamber musicians who have come together to form a trio called Triology: Flutist Melanie Chirignan, guitarist Paul Quigley, and cellist Will Hayes. They will be performing contemporary works by David Leisner, Nathan Kolosko, and the world premiere of Cumulus Reverie as well as some classics such as Spanish Dance. No. 1 by Manuela de Falla, Entr'acte by Jacques Ibert, and the Jet Whistle by Heitor Villa Lobos.

Please do join us for a lovely Sunday afternoon of music in Saratoga Springs.

Click here for all the details.

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