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Thank You, Triology!

(form left) Philip Spaeth, Melanie Chirignan, Paul Quigley, Will Hayes

This post is a bit late in coming, as it has been a busy couple of weeks, with a holiday thrown in for good measure. I want to thank Triology (Melanie Chirignan, Paul Quigley, and Will Hayes) for a fantastic performance at St. Peter's in Saratoga on June 23rd. They performed a beautiful, interesting, and diverse program, including a great recent piece by Nathan Kolosko (Hungarian Trio) and the premiere of my Cumulus Reverie for flute and cello. It was a wonderful kick-off in my quest to establish a concert series at St. Peter's!

With that in mind, I invite everyone to our next concert at St. Peter's, featuring Fünf, the Capital Region's professional woodwind quintet, on Friday, July 26th at 7:00pm. This will include the premiere of another of my pieces, Quintet No. 2 for Winds. I will post more on this performance in the coming weeks, but save the date!

Also, be on the lookout for news about an upcoming performance in August, again by Fünf, featuring both my first and second quintets. This performance will take place in Mayfield, NY, and is presented by the Sacandaga Valley Arts Network (SVAN). I will give some more details in a future post, but be sure to check my events page, as I will be updating that, as well.

In the meantime, I am heading off to Miami next week for a performance of my Epiclesis for trumpet, trombone, and harp at the 44th Annual International Trumpet Guild Conference. I will be sure to post about that experience as soon as I am able!

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