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Psalm 139: I Thank You

for Cantor, Choir, Assembly, and Piano

with optional C Instrument Obbligato (2021)

  • Setting of Psalm 139, Revised Grail translation

  • Suitable to accompany various Rites or ritual actions

About Psalm 139: I Thank You:


Psalm 139: I Thank You (2021) is intended to accompany ritual action, such as Holy Communion, Preparation of Gifts, Confirmation, etc., and/or to serve as a musical reflection on the inherent dignity of each of us as a uniquely wonderful work of God's creation.  The Refrain may be sung by a Cantor and/or Choir with the Assembly, with the Verses being sung by a Cantor.  The accompaniment is intended for piano, but may be easily adapted for organ.  The C Instrument obbligato is optional, and may be transposed into the proper range or key for any available instrument.  This piece shares some DNA (as well as its key signature) with another of my pieces, Confirm, O God, and these two works would pair nicely together to accompany the Rite of Confirmation at lengthier celebrations of the Sacrament.  It would also be suitable for celebrations of Baptism or First Holy Communion.

Click on the title page image above to view a sample score.

Below is an audio recording of this Psalm setting, sung by me at the piano.

Psalm 139: I Thank You - Philip Spaeth

Performance History

  • Not yet premiered

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