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New Chamber Music Piece Complete: "Epiclesis" for Trumpet, Trombone, and Harp

As May is National Chamber Music Month, I am pleased to announce that my new piece Epiclesis, scored for trumpet, trombone, and harp, is now officially complete!

Taking its title from the Greek expression for the "calling down of the Holy Spirit" associated with the Eucharistic Prayer in the Catholic liturgy, the piece is meant to be both a reflection on, and (hopefully) a product of, Divine inspiration. As for the instrumentation, it was originally born out of my desire to compose a mid-length, single-movement piece for brass duo and piano. However, the sound of the harp quickly began to take over that of the piano in my mind, and it was at that point that the thematic material of the piece began to take shape. I am eager, of course, to attribute this to the aforementioned Divine inspiration! The piece is dated 2017, as that is when the vast majority of the composition was completed, with only minor edits being made in the current calendar year 2018.

I look forward to hearing this piece performed by human musicians who will be able to bring forth its underlying spiritual aspects in a concert setting. In the meantime, you may listen to a sample MIDI recording of a portion of the piece here, created using GPO 5 with Finale 25 (a.k.a. soulless machines, but enough to present an adequate sense of the piece). If your ensemble (or an ensemble you know) might be interested in a perusal score, please contact me. At 8' 45" the run-time of Epiclesis is just under 9 minutes.

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