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Great Performance in Miami!

(Left to right) Jessica Hawthorne, Chase Hawkins, Philip Spaeth, Kristina Finch

This is just a quick post to say "thank you" to the fantastic performers who did such great work performing Epiclesis at the 44th Annual International Trumpet Guild Conference in Miami, FL yesterday! Trumpeter Phillip Chase Hawkins, trombonist Jessica Hawthorne, and harpist Kristina Finch did an incredible job with this piece, and it was very well received by the audience at the New Works recital. I am sure that I will be able to work with these wonderful musicians again in the future, despite the geographical distance between us! It was nice also to run into Allyson Keyser, the trumpeter who premiered the piece in Schenectady, NY in September 2018.

It was also a lovely experience to take in some of the sounds of the conference for the day that I was there. I was able to attend a marvelous recital by Daniel Crespo with pianist Miriam Hickman, as well as a portion of a concert by the 7/4 Ensemble from Venezuela, who were truly amazing. I was also able to walk through the exhibit hall and check out some of the instruments, mouthpieces, mutes, and other very specific trumpet-related items. It was also fun, of course, to see Doc Severinsen there enjoying the conference. A very full, very trumpet-y day in Miami!

(Left to right) Kristina Finch, harp; Jessica Hawthorne, trombone; Chase Hawkins, trumpet

That said, I am happy to board my flight home to upstate New York and on to the next adventure. I will be sure to post when the audio and/or video of the Miami performance is available to view on the site. It may take some time for the ITG folks to get it to me. For now, enjoy the above picture of me with the performers, and the photo (right) that I took at the dress rehearsal.

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